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Bob Corbett is an acoustic guitarist, vocalist and song writer form Newcastle Australia...

Bob Corbett has been performing live for over 15 years.  He is an award winning song writer and music storyteller.

He began performing in Newcastle Australia with local artists including: Bliss with Daniel Arvidson, Dave Carter, Bob Corbett, James Galloway, Dane and Chris Lowe, with Dave Carter and Friends - Dave Carter, Chris Lowe, Bob Corbett and Paul Elliot, Finger Bun with Bob Corbett, Josh Callaway, Mick King and Chris Lowe, Mercy Dash with Helen Gleson and Bob Corbett and Mother Popcorn with Bob Corbett, Dave Carter, Paul Elliot, Chris Lowe and Guy DeVille. Bob has played in 24 Strings with Dave Carter, Paul Elliot, Bob Corbett and Ngariki, Play with Bob Corbett, Mick King and Josh Callaway and Loonatic Fringe with Paul Elliot, Dave Carter and Bob Corbett.  He also performs as a self titled solo artist.

He originally released two EP’s, Dockyard Workers in 2000 and Self Titled in 2003.

Bob Corbett was awarded Broadcasters Choice Award at the 2004, 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards for the song, Throwdowns.

He was awarded Winner of the 2006, 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, best Folk category for his song, Dangling Upside Down, his song The Alpine Plunker was in the finalist Country category and It’s Love was in the finalist Pop category. Bob Corbett was given a special mention from Eloise Nolan, Head of ABC Music Publishing, for his song writing efforts in 2006.

Bob release his debut 12 track album The Hurricane Inside in 2007.

Bob Corbett dominated the 1233 ABC Music Awards ceremony at the Newcastle Civic Theatre in 2008; he won the inaugural 1233 tour support prize to help with touring costs, and a half-day session with a nationally renowned publicist Paula 'Jonesy' Jones (Silverchair / Midnight Oil), he won the blues & roots, pop, Hunter broadcaster's choice and the ABC Music Publishing and APRA songwriters and composers recognition awards. He won the folk category for the song The Lambton Lights.

In 2008 Bob Corbett released the 11 track album, Storyboard, recorded in Sydney at Love Hz Studio's with Michael Carpenter. He is a Top 10 finalist in the MusicOz Awards in the World/Folk category. Three songs from Storyboard were short-listed in the 2008 Australian Song writing Contest (ASA Awards) with Share Crop Gone reaching number 6 out of 3000 entries.

Bob Corbett has performed with national artists including: Daryl Braithwaite, Sara Storer, Diesel, Marcia Hines, The McClymonts, Ross Wilson and festival bookings with acts Jeff Lang and The Chris Wilson Band.

He has performed at renowned industry venues including: The Annandale Hotel, Lizzotes, and The Civic Theatre and on cruise ships. Bob has performed to audiences in Melbourne Victoria, Sydney, The Hunter Valley, Tamworth, Central Coast and the North Coast of New South Wales.

Quotes from Bob Corbett:
'The songs that I play each night vary depending on the audience'
'Some songs just need to be sung, I love 'em.'

Bob Corbett’s Discography 

One Wing
One Song
Pieces Of Me
Devil’s Tender
Ex Friends on the Road
Just Leave Me
The Bush Band From Botany Bay
The Lambton Lights
I’m Breaking Up
The Prettiest Face
Thrill Me
Down The Road
It’s Love
Black Comedy
Share Crop Gone
Dangling Upside Down
When I make it to New Orleans
Roll On
Winding Road
The Alpine Plunker
Goodbye Margarita
BOB CORBETT self-titled EP (2003)
Thrill Me
White Line Blue
Dead Man
Giving My Life Away
Dangling Upside Down
Soup Kitchen Blues
Dockyard Workers
Carrots and Frogs
Better Days
The Pawn

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Bob Corbett-The Prettiest Face